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The Paparazzi Jewelry Collections available at Smitten with Jewels

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Paparazzi Jewelry


Paparazzi Accessories is a brand of jewelry that is only $5 per piece.  How fantastic is that!  You can choose from necklaces (which always include a pair of matching earrings), bracelets, rings, and individual pairs of earrings.  The jewelry is fashion forward with new pieces being released almost daily.  Inventory is limited, so if you see a piece you like, don't hesitate to buy it.  At just $5 per item you really can't afford not to buy.  This is truly the jewelry that everybody loves and everybody can afford.  Also, the jewelry is Nickel Free and Lead Free, another plus. Now let's talk a little about the different styles of Paparazzi Collections and who would love to wear them!

There are five collections of Paparazzi Jewelry, they are:  Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection, Glimpses of Malibu Collection, Magnificent Musings Collection, Simply Santa Fe Collection, Sunset Sightings Collection.  The collections are distinct, but the pieces can be mixed and matched between the collections to create your own fashion style!

Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection 

The styles featured in the Fiercely 5th Avenue collection are exactly what you would expect with a name like that: Sleek, classy, metallic designs that you’d find on the streets of New York. The accessories in the Fiercely 5th Avenue are strong and edgy, which makes them incredible versatile.

This collection is filled with everyday staples and versatile designs that can easily transition from day to night.  Drawn to the practicality of neutrals like black, white, brown, and gray, the Fiercely 5th Avenue fan is always put together and can’t resist a little bit of sparkle. 

Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection appeals to customers who shop at stores: Banana Republic, White House/Black Market, Chico's, Nordstrom, and Kohl’s.

Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection

March 2019 fashion fix


Fiercely 5th Avenue Jewelry


fiercely 5th avenue paparazzi jewelry

Fiercely 5th Avenue 2019 collection


Glimpses of Malibu Collection

The Glimpses of Malibu collection was created with inspiration from the styles of Malibu, CA. Styles in this collection will feature fun, livable fashion with an upscale flavor. The colors are usually a bit tamer compared to the bolder hues found in other collections, and the attitude tends to have a laid back vibe.

This collection resembles the Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection, with added colors and a more feminine touch.  A Glimpses of Malibu girl loves matching sets and dresses up her wardrobe with feminine floral prints, playful polka dots, and subtle pops of color. 

The Glimpses of Malibu Collection appeals to customers who shop at: Old Navy, Gap, Maurice’s, or J.Crew.



Magnificent Musings Collection

The Magnificent Mile in Chicago is the inspiration for the Magnificent Musings collection. With a range of shopping venues, the Magnificent Mile is a hub for classic trends with urban elements and the Magnificent Musings collection follows suit. 

Are you confident, sassy, edgy, and dramatic?  The Magnificent Musings Collection was made for those who won’t shy away from a little bit of attention.  With a wardrobe accented by textures and jewel tones, the Magnificent Musings fanatic is all about sleek, metallic finishes with glamorously grungy undertones.

​The Magnificent Musings Collection appeals to customers who shop at: Express or Forever 21.

magnificent musings paparazzi collection

urban jewelry collection

urban paparazzi jewelry

urban jewelry collection

urban jewelry for 2019


Simple Santa Fe Collection

Earthy, desert-inspired designs are what the Simply Santa Fe collection is all about. Natural stones, indigenous patterns, and vibrant colors of the Southwest are sprinkled throughout this trendy collection.

For the lover of handcrafted pieces decorated in natural stones and tribal patterns. These free spirited, earthy designs are inspired by the rich desert culture of the Southwest.  The indigenous patterns and vibrant colors are sure to draw the attention of the earth-conscious trendsetters who are looking for gorgeous designs with an artisan feel. 

The Simply Santa Fe Collection appeals to customers who shop at: Buckle or PacSun.

Santa Fe Paparazzi Jewelry

Santa Fe Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry Paparazzi

Santa Fe Paparazzi Jewelry 2019

Santa Fe Paparazzi Accessories


Sunset Sightings Collection

Trendsetters are sure to gravitate towards the accessories found in the Sunset Sightings collection. Featuring more drastic designs, bold colors, and funky combinations found outside the box.  This collection could easily be found on young Hollywood icons or in the pages of People magazine.  

The Sunset Sightings shopper is known for their seemingly effortless, but strategically coordinated outfits that turn heads everywhere they go.  Their bold fashion choices are usually met with envious onlookers saying, “I wish I could pull something like that off!”

The Sunset Sightings Collection appeals to customers who shop at: H&M, Charlotte Russe, or Wet Seal. 

sunset sightings paparazzi jewelry

sunset sightings paparazzi accessories

paparazzi necklace sunset sightings

paparazzi jewelry 2019 sunset sightings

sunset sightings 2019 paparazzi jewelry smitten with jewels


These five Paparazzi Collections provide distinct and stylish jewelry that can be mixed and matched between the collections to create your own personal style.  For only $5 per item, don't hesitate to add to your own fashion collection.  Remember, this is the Jewelry everybody loves and everybody can afford!

Shop for your own fashion style at

Please feel free to share comments or pics of you and the mix/match fashion collection you create!

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