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Easy Elegance Blue Gem Teardrop Rhinestone Earrings

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Blue teardrop rhinestone encrusted earring.
Paparazzi Accessories Easy Elegance Blue Earrings

Elegant, classic earrings encrusted in glittery white rhinestones, and a shimmery silver ribbon wraps around a faceted blue teardrop gem for a timeless look.  A lovely pair of Paparazzi Accessories earrings.  Earrings attach to a standard fishhook fitting. 

If you choose accessories for color, remember blue represents both the sky and the sea, it is associated with open spaces, freedom, imagination, intuition, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity.  Blue also represents the meanings of trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, intelligence, and heaven.  For just $5, allow a little blue into your life!

Sold as one pair of earrings.

Nickel Free & Lead Free


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