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Collar Necklaces Make a Bold Fashion Statement

Wendy Newton

    Collar necklaces are a statement piece to accessorize any outfit.  The perfect addition to a sleek and simple outfit.  The bling around the neck pulls the focus toward your face and creates a sense of presence and style.  Have people focus on you and the glamour you possess.  Think of pharaohs, kings, and queens of old.  The bold pieces worn around their necks created a sense of power, wealth, and elitism.  The collar necklace sends a message about your fashion style.  So wear the collar necklace with poise and grace to stand out from the crowd!

    Paparazzi Accessories has a large selection of collar necklaces to complete your fashion style.  Choose a variety for your own accessory collection.  Remember, variety is the spice of life!  Here are 11 collar necklaces to tempt you.



The delicate detailed collar necklace.





The mixed metal collar necklace.





The silver hoops collar necklace.





The gold collar necklace.





The beaded collar necklace.





The silver chain collar necklace.




 The flower lei collar necklace.




The two-layered collar necklace.




The bold stone collar necklace.




The medallion collar necklace.






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