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Why Paparazzi Accessories are Fantastic

Wendy Newton

Paparazzi Accessories are fantastic because of the variety, quality, and most importantly the price.  New fashion pieces are coming out continuously, with many in limited quantities.  The pieces range from dainty to some with a good amount of weight to them.  I seriously think most items could be priced for more and no would blink an eye, but who really wants to pay more for quality.  A $5 price for each piece makes increasing your accessories an ease to do without breaking the bank.  I personally would have considered buying one piece for $20-$25 at a retail store, but now I can buy 4 to 5 pieces that are just as nice.  Finally, you can create your own style and feed your fashion addiction!

Paparazzi Jewelry is not only inexpensive but it is also Nickel Free and Lead Free!  Take a look at the ensemble of jewelry available and let yourself be tempted by price and quality!

One For The RODEO Copper Bracelet

One For The RODEO Copper Bracelet



Really Rococo Pink Necklace



No Common Daisy Necklace


Rock Star Attitude Red Bracelet



Fishing For Fabulous Blue Earrings



Courageously Congo Earrings



Wire Warrior Silver Bracelet



Total Eclipse of the Heart Silver Necklace



All The Trimmings Brown Necklace



Color Bomb Silver Necklace



Leave No Trace Brown Ring



Boss of Boho Black Bracelet



Put On Your GLAM Face Bracelet



Cosmic Combo Red Ring



Clear The SWAY! Brown Ring



Mojave Harvest Blue Bracelet



Unexplored Lands Brass Tribal Ornate Earrings



Bold Balancing Act Orange Necklace







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